Is Johnny Depp DEAD?

In the story titled Johnny Depp dies after fatal car crash, CNN claim that the Depp was discovered by a tourist who was driving on the same road when he spotted the wrecked car that was allegedly lying amongst liquor bottles. He then contacted the police who rushed to the scene of the accident to find Depp in the car.

But according to Associated Press writer Ryan Christopher DeVault these rumours could be false because Depp’s camp haven’t confirmed the allegations.

“As far as we know, Johnny Depp is doing just fine, and has not been in any type of car crash. At this time we feel it is pretty safe to say that Johnny Depp is doing fine right now, and probably getting ready to get back into character for Pirates of the Caribbean 4,” he wrote.

Search engines have registered over 13million searches on this issue with reporting that Depp’s car was found wrecked “along side a road outside Bordeaux, France, with the guard rail embedded deep inside the car and police have pulled out the body of the former actor, Depp.”

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