Braving the media chaos for the second time today, Rachel Uchitel was out and about in New York City on Monday (December 8).
The mistress of Tiger Woods was alongside a mystery male, with whom she seemed rather close to as she looped her arm into his at one point.

In recent news, Star magazine is reporting that Woods’ wife, Elin, has confronted Uchitel twice since the reports of the affair began breaking.
An insider told the magazine that Elin contacted the mistress and said, “I’m hearing stories coming in from everyone from every direction. What’s going on?”
The insider continued, “Rachel denied she had an affair with Tiger, and told her, ‘I’ve walked your husband to a table at [the NYC night club] Griffin, made sure everything was OK, and that’s the extent of our relationship. It’s ridiculous and crazy that people are saying that I slept with him.’”
The second time Elin called, things went down a bit differently the source said. This time there was yelling over the phone with Woods’ wife screaming, “I know everything!” And that’s when things began to escalate.

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